Wednesday, August 21th…

“Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.

Not sure what this website is about, but I’m obsessed with it.

“Tennessee clothing factory keeps up the old ways”

Life hacks!

Bill Moyers on American Families.

Slow @ss  Jolene and MJ.


Tuesday, August 13th…

Most beautiful Australian homes.

Love this lady.

“If you can’t change your situation, you can always change the way you think about it”

Business lady youtube.

Browngrotta Arts textile resource.

Portraits of people who look alike but aren’t related at all”

Porcelain fighting figurines.

Backwards knitting (instead of purling).

We gotta move every 20 minutes. Who knew?

“All the 6th graders agreed, your baking soda volcano was the best at the science fair.”

I made my husband swear to me that he would look like this in 30 years.

Best street art of 2011.


Monday, August 12th…

Chocolate and beautiful food photos…

What to say when clients ask for “source” files.


Old Virginia Modified Herringbone

…plus all this prettiness.


Monday, May 6th

“We are the proud, the crafty, the creative, the makers. And we suspect you are too.”

Favorite Pinterest board ever.

“Your resource for contemporary international art textiles and fiber sculpture.”

Thread and fish scales…

Recent UNC-CH MFA graduate work has me seriously considering grad school…

“When she would read us stories in her soft voice, she turned my head into a snow globe.”


Friday, July 20th…

– American made, Provencal style linens.

– APC quilts, featured on OEN.

– “Stools, Sculpture and Objects.”

– Gorgeous Indian scarves and French throws.

– Most hipster thing I’ve ever said: “We were late to the Farmer’s Market because we were watching a documentary on tiny houses.”

– Speaking of tiny… tiny beach house!

– Vote for kitchens.

– In the “Fears I’ve had to get over because I’m a grown up now” department: Knives.

– Still looking at it again today.

– “The 50 cutest things that ever happened.”

– “Look at The New Kids On The Block shirtless And with mustaches.”

– I’ll finish reading this article later…