Tuesday, August 13th…

Most beautiful Australian homes.

Love this lady.

“If you can’t change your situation, you can always change the way you think about it”

Business lady youtube.

Browngrotta Arts textile resource.

Portraits of people who look alike but aren’t related at all”

Porcelain fighting figurines.

Backwards knitting (instead of purling).

We gotta move every 20 minutes. Who knew?

“All the 6th graders agreed, your baking soda volcano was the best at the science fair.”

I made my husband swear to me that he would look like this in 30 years.

Best street art of 2011.


Thursday, July 19th…

– Beyonce versus a Snuggie.

– ‘Cause this one is more her style.

– “Turn your bedroom into a sleep haven.”

– “This isn’t oxymoronic but last week, hundreds of turtles successfully dashed out of a Georgia turtle farm and escaped into nearby undergrowth”

– Lisbon hotel, Palacio Belmontphotographed by Sivan Askayo. I love Sivan Askayo like I love a pretty hotel.

– I think I’m in love.