Wednesday, May 15th…

Importance of mentoring and student success, although I’m not sure I’d use the phrase “personal touch” to describe it…

Looks like Los Angeles, California is the nicest place in the U.S.

Basically the world I lived in for the last 5 years at a small southern university…

Makes me feel better about mine.

Magic “black seed” that seems to cure everything = good. Information on a website that misspelled “pharmacy”= not so good.

Dear God, yes.

Please let it be a phase


Tuesday, May 14th…

“Like puttin’ a marshmallow in a parking meter.”

“Mom photographs her daughters as the real women she could be.” And it’s amazing…

Kern and Burn- graphic design advice.

Vampire (Weekend) Mama.

“A first job is like a first date and other advice for graduation day”


Thursday, May 9th…

I’ve never had a moments hesitation about getting older until I saw this and now I want to be 13 again (I’ll be cooler this time, I promise).

A, b, c, d, e, f

“Incredible new portraits carved from old military maps” Indeed.

“And they said I wouldn’t learn anything being in a fraternity.”

Pretty Tumblr pages.

“You used to love to drive me wild, girl…”

Sweet British sibling love song.



Monday, May 6th

“We are the proud, the crafty, the creative, the makers. And we suspect you are too.”

Favorite Pinterest board ever.

“Your resource for contemporary international art textiles and fiber sculpture.”

Thread and fish scales…

Recent UNC-CH MFA graduate work has me seriously considering grad school…

“When she would read us stories in her soft voice, she turned my head into a snow globe.”