Wednesday, July 25th…

– ” I born in factory. They put me in wrapper. They seal me in box. Three of us in box.”

– “How I fell in love with a computer nerd and ended up marrying a rock star.”

– Movies!


Tuesday, July 24th…

– “Even beefcakes need to go shopping.”

– “What George Orwell, Henry Miller, and John Waters taught me about what to read next.”

– Gallery of Scavenged Art.

– Why did I read this at 1:30 am?

– Hippiest camera ever. I like it.

– Tempting

– I usually stop reading whenever someone declares a square of dark chocolate “indulgent”…

– “5 Things That Keep Us Forever Young”

– Which means I now have this in my head…

– Annnnnd then I have to watch this.


– “If you suspect that you’re annoying others…”

– “Every moment you have a choice – to be at peace or to be in resistance.”

– God bless whoever finally gave these people a voice.

– How to survive Mercury in retrograde.

– “Crocheting to change the planet.”

Saturday, July 21st…


Friday, July 20th…

– American made, Provencal style linens.

– APC quilts, featured on OEN.

– “Stools, Sculpture and Objects.”

– Gorgeous Indian scarves and French throws.

– Most hipster thing I’ve ever said: “We were late to the Farmer’s Market because we were watching a documentary on tiny houses.”

– Speaking of tiny… tiny beach house!

– Vote for kitchens.

– In the “Fears I’ve had to get over because I’m a grown up now” department: Knives.

– Still looking at it again today.

– “The 50 cutest things that ever happened.”

– “Look at The New Kids On The Block shirtless And with mustaches.”

– I’ll finish reading this article later…


Thursday, July 19th…

– Beyonce versus a Snuggie.

– ‘Cause this one is more her style.

– “Turn your bedroom into a sleep haven.”

– “This isn’t oxymoronic but last week, hundreds of turtles successfully dashed out of a Georgia turtle farm and escaped into nearby undergrowth”

– Lisbon hotel, Palacio Belmontphotographed by Sivan Askayo. I love Sivan Askayo like I love a pretty hotel.

– I think I’m in love.


Wednesday, July 18th…

– “The negativity committee

– “Repurposed flag, cleverly re-imagined into a blanket by adding a border to it

– Weirdness. With my initials on ’em.

– Elderflower granita with honey.

– Tomboy style.

– Blood, champagne, and gorgeous houses.


Tuesday, July 17th…

– I haven’t used shampoo in 7 months. It’s amazing.

– “thick, vulgar, almost pornographic.

– Love this kid.

– “55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy.”

– How goop handles stress.

– They found amelia?

– Raw chocolate…

– I love my cast iron skillet. Skillet. Skeeleet. That’s fun to say.